Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Time for fibre arts - Part Cuatro!

I know that it has turned into a beautiful spring, getting warmer and warmer everyday.  However, I actually like this time of year for knitting smaller projects.  
I am always knitting.  I have 4 WIP (works in progess) at the moment!!  I enjoy having small projects going in the summer so that I don't get too hot when I knit.  I save the fall/winter for my bigger projects so that I stay warm!  LOL  The scrapghan that I put together this past winter was awesome...it kept my warm while I crocheted!!  :-)

This past winter I was looking for new hats.  I don't look at a store....I head on over to ravelry.com and find my faves there!!
I have fallen in love with The Velvet Acorn.  Her patterns are totally YUMMY!!  Take a look here...

This was the fourth hat that I made.  Again, the lion brand thick and quick yarn let you whip this up quickly.  All three hats that I made with the thick and quick I did in one night each.  And that is the adult size.  Yup, her patterns come in multiple sizes including kids.  Awesomesauce!

Of course, you KNEW I was going to have knit one in PURPLE!!  Bestest colour EVAH!!!  ;-)
I wore this one ALL the time.  My (not so) little guy loves purple too and he requested one! Made my day!

Pom pom's are da bomb!  Loves me some wintery pom poms!

Hand made buttons from the yarn shop again.  These patterned ones make me happy!

Close up!!  Those cables are dreamy!!  :-)

Happy Knitting.

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