Saturday, 9 May 2015

Getting Organized

I wanted to share a tip with you.  I have really enjoyed implementing this in our house and I thought that you might too.

I am OCD.  I have a need to be organized and have things a certain way.  Easy to achieve when you live alone.  Now fast forward 10 years and add to boys and the house suffers!!!  LOL  I was feeling overwhelmed by the daily tasks in our home.  Our son is learning his fair share of chores and by husband kicks in but I am one that sees "dirt" where others don't so I never felt I was on top of keeping our home in order and clean.

In an effort to help my husband keep track of what needs to be done, help my son gain more independence with his chores and keep my mind at ease feeling that things are organized and taken care of I implemented a Cleaning Chore Chart. 

Simply solution I know, and why I didn't have this in place before is beyond me!  I guess I always felt that I was able to get it all done before, I SHOULD be able to get it all done now.  In denial and wanting to tackle it all without help.  Seesh!!  

We have had this chart up and running in our house for two months now.  I LOVE IT!  

I printed it out and filled it in using pencil.  In my mind I went through our house from top to bottom and wrote down everything I wanted cleaned in the run of the week.  I did it in pencil so that once I was done I could organize the week and chores so that they were evenly distributed between the days. I used all 7 days.  I contemplated a day off but once everything was on there it wasn't so bad to take time everyday.  I also found items that didn't need to be done every week and loved that there are boxes at the bottom for monthly, quarterly and annually.

The first week of putting the chart into action was TOUGH!!!  I wanted to do it all at once.  That is always how I tidied and cleaning, top to bottom, all at once.  Clean house=relaxing!  Doing only 1-4 things a day was weird but once I finished the first week the second week was great!   I could see that tasks were as hard and that it all made sense.  My brain was okay knowing that by the end of the week it would all get done.  In the first week I also found other tasks I had forgotten so I added those on.  I also noticed there were heavy days, so I switched tasks a bit.

Our list stays posted on the fridge so that everyone can see it.  In the daily section my son can quickly glance to see what he needs to get done.  On the Monday to Friday slots my husband and I can see what the tasks are for the day (mostly me!!)  We have only used the one chart for these past two months.  Now that we have a routine down I am tempted to print one off/write the chores in pen and laminate it so that we can use a white board marker to tick off the boxes as we go. 

That is the next step!!  Right now I am loving that I don't feel two (or a million!) steps behind anymore, that I don't feel like my house is a pig pen, that I don't feel overwhelmed and not know where to I don't start at all.   ALSO, I don't mind pop in visitors!!  I never did but now I don't cringe at the thought of them seeing the pig pen.  LOL   

This chart, although started before I fell ill, was great when I wasn't feeling the best too.  I could tackle what I could (some days nothing at all!) and the menfolk would know what else needed to be done.  They were a great help! 

If you haven't tried a cleaning chart yet I highly suggest giving it a go.  You won't regret it.
Pinterest cleaning chart printables...there are lots!  

Here are some links to others that I checked out.

Happy Cleaning!! ;-)