Monday, 30 July 2012

My convention gifties (part two)

My very first Stampin' UP! Convention was last year.  It is so amazing that once you go you NEVER want to miss it!
I was lucky enough to be able to go again this year.  *grin* (so hard my cheeks hurt!)

Last year I did not make any gifties to take with me.  I just wasn't thinking about it.  This year I knew I just HAD TO!!!!  I had tons of ideas in my head and couldn't decide on just one. 
So here are all the gifties that I took with me to Salt Lake City.

In the JUNE issue of Stampin' Success (a wonderful magazine full of ideas that we get as demonstrators!  you should sign up today!!) they had an article on how to make paper beads!  WAHOO!  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make them.  They are so easy!!!!    
I just needed to figure out WHAT to make with the beads.  
This is what I settled on.  EARRINGS!

I made up pairs of paper beads in various DSP.  In the article it says it is optional to cover them in crystal effects (awesome product!) but I chose to do it.  I wanted to make sure that the beads last longer and stay put.
I made 6 pairs.  I gifted them to our convention roomies.  Our wonderful friend Marcea, who we met at convention last year.  My up line Tina got a pair and one for myself.  (and a pair to spare!!)
Here are some close ups of the earrings.
 I already have jewelry making tools, and supplies so that was easy peasey.  I have gotten most of my things from Michael's.  They have a great selection.

Here is Tina wearing her earrings at CONVENTION!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

My convention gifties.

My very first Stampin' UP! Convention was last year.  It is so amazing that once you go you NEVER want to miss it!
I was lucky enough to be able to go again this year.  *grin* (so hard my cheeks hurt!)

Last year I did not make any gifties to take with me.  I just wasn't thinking about it.  This year I knew I just HAD TO!!!!  I had tons of ideas in my head and couldn't decide on just one. 
So here are all the gifties that I took with me to Salt Lake City.

First off I collected 2 containers of Brights Buttons. (I made 2 bracelets and only used about a container and a half...still had some left over!)
 I already had jewelry making tools, beads and clasps.  If you don't have any at all, take a trip to Micheal's they have a wide selection at various price points.  It doesn't have to cost you a lot.
 As you can see in the photo above, I separated my buttons by colour and style (there are three different sizes and patterns in a packed of Stampin' UP! brights buttons.)

I used silver stretchy cord (not SU product) because that was all I had left to use.  I have noticed that since wearing mine ALL CONVENTION (yup! love it that much) that I will make my next ones (YUP! making one in EVERY COLOUR FAMILY!) with a cord that doesn't stretch.  I am thinking of using some of my hemp twine (again not an SU product. They used to have a thicker twine, but do not anymore.  I will use up my beading stash.)
I used toggle clasps for the ends of the bracelets.  I probably did not need to use them with the stretchy cord but I like the look and I will definitely use them with the hemp twine versions I will be making.
I measured on my own wrist (nice and exact, eh?! lol) and cut THREE pieces of cord.
I wove the buttons on in singles, doubles and triples.  The buttons are different sizes so the stacking looks AWESOME!  I scattered the colours, sizes and stacks throughout the three cords.  USE YOUR IMAGINATION!
I then took three ends and tied them (as one) around one piece of the toggle clasp.  I wanted to use large crimper beads to make the ends look nice and neat but didn't have any large enough on hand and didn't want to buy anymore.  I will use some for the hemp twine version.  
I braided the three cords of buttons and then tied the opposite three ends (as one) around the other piece of the toggle clasp.


Here is a pic of Tina and I wearing our button bracelets at convention.  We received so many compliments on them.  I couldn't believe it!  I was shocked!  Something SO simple and easy to make!  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :-)   

Now it is your turn to try out your very own button bracelet!!!!!  :-)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Upcoming Classes

Here is a sneak peak at my upcoming classes!!  Can't wait to stamp with you!

Razzleberry Splash Scrapbooking Class!
In this class you will make a 20 PAGE, 8x8 album using the razzleberry splash simply scrappin' kit.

I got the wonderful idea from an AWESOME class I took at convention in July.

This scrapbook is SUPER cute and VERY easy to whip up!

 Click HERE for the link to the class and to RSVP today!!!!

Beautiful Pin Board

 created a GORGEOUS project at "I AM" convention in July and I want to pass the awesomeness onto YOU!!

Come on over for an afternoon of stamping fun!

We will make a beautiful pinboard with a frame, fabric and of course stamps, punches and ink!!

Click HERE for the link to the class and to RSVP today!!

Snow Festival Card Class

Have you seen the new holiday tags? 
Do you love them as much as I do? 
Wanna learn how to turn them into something spectacular!

Lets get together and make something with them!

A quick and easy class turning those tags into some AWESOME Christmas cards!!!

Click HERE for the link to the class and to RSVP today!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


One of my favorite things about Stampin' UP! Convention in Salt Lake City Utah is SWAPPING!!!
This year I made over 100 card fronts to take and swap with other demonstrators.
I love, love, love seeing the creativity of all the other demos and I love, love, love taking home ONE HUNDRED NEW CARD FRONTS to share with all of my downline and customers!!!!

I take my card fronts and create one or two display boards that I can take with me to my workshops, classes and other fun events that I do throughout the year.  It is wonderful because I can't buy EVERY stamp set and/or tool (although I WANT TO!)  so I get to have display boards full of all different stamp sets, and awesome techniques that we can pull creativity from throughout the year.

Here are the swaps that I made for convention.  I used the Papillon Potpourri stamp set and the colours elegant eggplant, melon mambo and river rock.  I made up 4 different sets.  I found this easier than doing them all the same.  I took 4 different evenings and made up roughly 30 of each.  It was so fun.  

This was the first batch of swaps I made.

Second batch using the simply that tool!

My third batch of swaps....those flowers are made from our brown packing paper!! :-)

My last batch of swaps using framelits....I am in love and want them all!!!   

Now here is a sampling of the swaps that I brought back with me.  AMAZING!!

If you would like to get a closer look at ALL the swaps I brought back with me and the WONDERFUL projects I was able to do at CONVENTION come on over for my "I AM" back from Convention Class this weekend! 
Click HERE for details and to RSVP.  

Monday, 16 July 2012

(was that my outside voice?)  

I admit it.  I love it. I can lose hours of my life to that bleepin' site.
I have folders for everything and way too many things to "accomplish" on there.
I think I will need to add years to my life JUST to get all of them done. 
Yup, I keep going on and adding MORE stuff to my "TO-DO" list!

Well, I had to start getting some of it DONE!
About a month ago I had an A-HA moment.
I was staring at one of my shelves that houses my stamping goodies and I noticed my Decor Elements.
They are ALL retired!  BOO!
I had earned one FREE with Sale-A-Bration in the winter but had never put it up.  It wouldn't fit on my front door as is and I put it aside.
Well, this day I was staring at it and thought....why not cut it up Shallon? 
I whipped out my scissors and got to work!
Why did it take me so long to figure out that simple fact...DON'T ask!  lol
So here the is front door to our new home.
Love it!!  So pleased with myself...but kinda boring, eh?

That is when I when to my Pinterest folder "wreaths".  I love them.  Can't get enough.  I want a wreath for every occasion and if I live long enough perhaps I can use my Pinterest ides to actually make enough!  lol
Summer....what kind of wreath do you make for summertime?
 THIS KIND!!!!!!
I went to the $$store and picked up little girls flip flops. 7 pairs in total.
I used all left feet and a glue gun.  I laid them out on the table in the shape I wanted.  I scuffed up the places where I was going to apply the glue stuck them all together and VOILA!
I added a bit of retired SU ribbon that I had laying around in Pink and a pompom ribbon.  Wrapped that around the wreath and used it to make a "hanger" for the wreath as well. 
I am not worried about it getting wet, or ruined.  It was easy-peasy and cheap!
Here is the front door to our new home NOW!!!!!
Much better! 
Happy soon as we get off Pinterest!  

Friday, 13 July 2012

Marker Cases

I love my Stampin' UP! markers!!!
I truly do!
Unfortunately I wasn't financially able to buy the Marvelous Markers set all at once.  I was part of a club at the time and opted to buy a colour family a month until I had them all.
Well, when you do that you aren't able to get the fancy-dancy (yes that is the proper name for it!) case that you get when you buy them all together.  SU doesn't allow you to purchase one separately.  I know, I have asked them about it when I have called them. Bummer!
I was storing my markers in a lovely hand made pottery vase that I was given....DUH, Shallon! need to store them laying down to preserve the ink quality and distribution.  (please tell me I am not the only person that didn't realize this!...pretty please!)

SO, I found a make do case and I was happy.  Well, not really but lets pretend shall we?!
Then I went to "Grow" Convention last year.  :-)
Once of the main stage demos showed us marker cases made out of fabric!  
*A-HA moment*
I vowed I would come home and use some of my untouched fabric to make some.

Well, here we are almost a year later (I have lost the original instructions with all the measurements) and I am JUST getting to this now.  *sheepish grin*

Holy macaroni, I don't even care!  I am SOOOOO pleased with how they turned out and so happy at how actually useful they are I am on stamping cloud 9!!
I am very thankful to my Aunt who helped me with this project because I do not have my hand-me-down sewing machines in working order....YET.

Here are some pics of how it is done.....

Here is my before shot of all of my markers (still missing a few here and there...bummer they don't sell them individually anymore however I am in need of replacing a few soon anyway.)

Here is one of the finished products rolled up and ready to store or transport.
This one was made with two of the three Floral District fabrics.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this funky green one.

Unrolled.  When sewing up one of the side seams I simply took my matching ribbon (in this case Lucky Limeade ruffled ribbon) folded it in half and sewed it into the seam on that side.

Here it is opened and ready for business!!
This one houses my Subtles family of markers.

This one is done with Summer Smooches Fabric and Real Red ribbon (discontinued SORRY!)
This one houses my Regals family of markers....missing a few. :-)

I made a BOO BOO with this one...can you tell what it is?
I had two pieces of Candy Cane Lane fabric and two piece of Twitterpated fabric and MIXED them UP when I was ironing my fabrics together with my sheets of fabric adhesive!!!!   AHHHH.  Oh well.  This one is Christmas-y on the outside and Twitterpated on the inside!  :-)  Again the Real Red ribbon on this one. This one houses my Brights markers and I have almost all of them however some were in use that day and MIA.

This one is made out of Comfort Cafe fabric (loving that blue funky piece!)  This one is home to my two years of in colour markers.  Used a RETIRED Soft Suede thick ribbon.

Now!  I ran out of fabric adhesive sheets....but I was on a roll people!!!   I opted to sew this one together and see what happened.  This is my "other boo boo" case with Christmas on the inside and Twitterpated on the outside.  Instead of the fabric adhesive I placed the two pieces together and sewed all the way around.  Doesn't look as clean and it doesn't feel as sturdy.  I wouldn't make this mistake again.  This one houses my Neutrals colour family...again missing a few.

You will need:

  1. Fabric
  2. Fabric pen
  3. Pinking sheers
  4. Fabric adhesive sheets
  5. Ribbon
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Iron and Ironing board
Start by cutting two matching pieces of fabric at 12 inches wide by 16 inches long. 
Use your iron and the fabric adhesive sheets to "stick" your two matching fabrics together.  Patterns FACING OUT (away from each other)
Use your pinking sheers to cut all four edges of your fabric (gives a more decorative edge
Cut ribbon piece to a length that will wrap around your case twice (I didn't measure!)
Using a ruler and your fabric pen lay your fabric out in front of you 12 inches wide.  Fold up the bottom piece (I used a marker to guestimate how deep I wanted my pockets to be. Now mark 1/4 inch in from the left hand side with your fabric pen.  Now from that point mark 1 inch increments. You should have 10 of them, once for each marker and another 1/4 in left over at the end to match the left hand side.  Here I ended up with extra fabric on some so I simply gave another cut with my pinking sheers.
Now use your sewing machine to sew up your seams and pockets that you just marked with your fabric pen.
VOILA!  Done!  Put your markers in and away you go!

I knew what I wanted from Convention but lost my directions so I was winging it the whole way!!  Hope this gives you an idea of how to try it on your own!!
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Convention is coming! Convention is coming!

I am so stinkin' excited that "I AM" Convention is just around the corner!!!!!!
I am so sorry that I haven't been posting to my blog!!!
(working two jobs will do that to a girl....take away stamping/blogging hours that is!)

Well here is a bit of what I have been up to since I have last posted.  There is SO much that I want to post about but some of my goodies are FOR convention and I don't want to give away the surprise.  :-)

Here it goes!

Me and my multi-purpose yarn bowl!!  I needed to punch LOTS of assorted flowers and this was the best place to put them all.  I LOVE reusing the brown paper that comes in our SU packages.  I have a list of projects that I want to do with ALL THAT PAPER!!!!

Buttons, buttons and MORE buttons!!  What am I doing with all these Brights Buttons?  Well, you will just have to wait until AFTER convention to find out!  There are some items in the SU catalog that I just don't use often enough and if I am not using them, then my customers won't be either!  SO, once again I have a list of goodies that I want to try with buttons.  HINT: they aren't all card projects.  :-)

I do not sew.  Scratch that, I didn't sew.  Yeah, yeah, Home Ec. doesn't count! (although I made a smashing pair of shorts, a stuffy and a pillow in grades 6-8)
This is another item in the SU catalog that I don't use...that's right I said it.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have used it (and that was trying to put it on my cards some how.)
Well, I have searched Stampin' Connection, and Pinterest and come up with ANOTHER LIST of things to try!  Yay!  Now I just need to get my two hand-me-down (hope they work) sewing machines going and I will be all set! This is some of the Timeless Portrait fabric that I used in a CONVENTION pics will be posted post July 23rd!!  :-)

 OOOHHHHHH, look at this little do-dad!!  What could this be for????   I used the Spice Cake fabric and some double sided sticky sheets.  I used my largest circle punch and punched a piece of scrap paper, used that to cut out my sticky sheet.  Then cut a strip of fabric and started in the center.  I twisted and rolled and put this puppy together...but it was missing something....that's right DAZZLING DIAMONDS!!!   I used a paint brush and put a coat of Crystal Effects on first and then sprinkled the DD all over the top and left it to dry overnight. Also made some out of the Timeless Portrait fabric (the red!!)

This is what happens when you use Crystal Effects with you Dazzling Diamonds.  You end up with DD on your fingers for 2 DAYS!!!!!!   Holy Moley, talk about hard to remove!  :-)   Hey, diamonds are a girls best friends, right?!

WOOHOO!!   Look what came in the mail!!!  My name badge, tickets for extra classes and my bag voucher for "I AM" CONVENTION 2012!!!!   Salt Lake City here I come!!!!  

More to come!  Stay tuned!!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Thank you Teachers!

This year I already knew what I wanted to give Monsters teachers.  That was a great feeling...even if Pinterest wanted to prove me wrong!  LOL  Way too many gift ideas on there!!!  Oh well, next year!

Monsters first year of school was last year and at the end of the year I gifted his two teachers (they did a split in his class) this little wonder.  Perfect set and I split a pack of the stampin' spots in Brights.  YAY! Never heard a word back from the teachers...not sure if they liked it...but I thought it would come in handy!

So this year I wanted to do the same thing.  I ordered the stamp set (different one this year) in plenty of time.  I was SO proud of myself!  YAY ME!   Well, bonehead here didn't think to order a pack of stampin' spots BEFORE they RETIRED!!!!!   BAH!  So I had to do the unthinkable...I may be kicked out of SU for this (LOL  just kidding!  ...maybe) *looks over shoulder*
I bought another company's ink pad.....AAHHHHHHHHHHH

Still pleased with the gift and I hope she likes it.  :-)

For his teacher and for this two other special people at school I made up a pack of 6 cards and envelopes.  I did an assortment of occasions and included envelopes as well.  
Useful I hope!
So the end of Grade 1 has come and gone.  My baby is no longer a BABY!  (I knew this last year when he started school but my heart keeps hangin' on)  He is off to Grade 2 next year and very excited about a new playground the school is getting.  
For now we shall enjoy the summer vacation and all it has to offer.  He will have fun with friends and enjoy and my heart will keep holding on and praying that I can learn how to stop time, or even just slow it down a bit (pretty please!) so that my baby doesn't grow up so fast!!
*sniff, sniff*
I am off to get a tissue and go hug my Monster.