Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Convention gifties (part three)

My very first Stampin' UP! Convention was last year.  It is so amazing that once you go you NEVER want to miss it!
I was lucky enough to be able to go again this year.  *grin* (so hard my cheeks hurt!)

Last year I did not make any gifties to take with me.  I just wasn't thinking about it.  This year I knew I just HAD TO!!!!  I had tons of ideas in my head and couldn't decide on just one. 
So here are all the gifties that I took with me to Salt Lake City.

I know I have mentioned how much I love PINTEREST in previous posts....well here it goes again...I LOVE PINTEREST!!
I found these flip flops on there and KNEW I HAD to make them!!  What better excuse than Convention!?!?
My up-line Tina, made us flip flops last year and I still wear them, so I knew that these would get good use.

I started out with some Timeless Portrait and Spice Cake fabric from Stampin' UP!  Spice Cake has to be my all time fave fabric!
 I snipped and tore four strips off the long end of the fat quarter. I made each strip about 1 1/2 wide. You will need two strips for each flip flop. 

I purchased these flip flops CHEAP at Michael's craft store.  Now that I know how FABULOUS they are I want to make a pair with a more durable flip flop....IN EVERY FABRIC!
I cut the plastic part of the flip flop off completely.

Then I cut the ends of the fabric to a point.  Just to make it easier to push through those tiny holes!!

Like so....

 Once I pushed the two ends of fabric through the TOP hole (or toe hole) I tied it in a knot.  Then used some hot glue and pushed it into place.  From the top side of the flip flop (or side you put your foot on) I left 1- 1 1/2 of space and knotted the two strips of fabric together (that knot should sit on top of your foot, the inch - inch and a half should be the fabric between your toes.
Once that is done separate the fabric and push the opposite ends through the holes at the back of the flip flop and tie a knot.  Use some hot glue here as well and push that knot into place.
This is what the bottom will look like before any wear and tear.

This is what the top will look like once everything is knotted and glued into place.

Next I used the double sided sticky sheets and cut circles out of them.  I didn't have the Stampin' UP! sticky circles (bah!...must get some) so I used my circle punches to punch a hole the right size out of paper and used that as a template to cut my sticky sheets.

Then I tore a shorter piece of fabric off one of the different colours in the fabric package (with SU you get THREE different fat quarters in your box of fabric! YAY!)
I started in the middle and twisted my fabric around and around to make this circle. I then used a cheap paint brush and crystal effects (crazy awesome super glue...among other uses) and coated the circle.  I then sprinkled dazzling diamonds on the top and let them dry.

THIS is what happens to your hands when you use crystal effects and dazzling diamonds!!  LOL I had sparkly fingers for DAYS! ...but who's complaining!?!

I then peeled the other backing paper off the sticky circle (it is double sided) and attached it to the top of the flip flop to cover the knot.  I torn a small piece of fabric to go underneath the knot and help to hold on the sticky circle.  Use hot blue here as well.
You can leave the flip flops with just the knot if you like.  I just thought it needed something sparkly on top! :-)

Finished product!!

Up close.

Tina and I wearing our flip flops at CONVENTION!  Lots of compliments on those as well.  Tina's even matched her spice cake purse she was carrying from last years convention.  :-)  YAY!!

Time to try your own pair.  Be warned, once you do, you will want them in every colour imaginable!