Tuesday, 7 August 2012

"I AM" Convention 2012

Stampin' UP!  is an awesome company!
Yeah, I know, you already know that, don't ya.

I met my best friend through stampin' up.  She hosted a 4 week crafting program for Mom's at the FRC in Saint John.  Already a crafter I HAD to sign up.  We clicked straight away!   Soon after in April 2009 I signed up to be a demonstrator.  LOVE IT!
Best job I have ever had HANDS DOWN!  I just can't get enough.
After two years of being a "hobby demo"  I was cajoled into going to Stampin' UP! annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  (yeah, yeah, I am aware that you all know it didn't take much convincing for me to go!  Twist my rubber arm!)
(at last years convention at the product showcase booth)

It is a long trip (a day travel there and another back) but well worth it.  Tina is awesome to travel with too!!! (that helps!)
We found a FABULOUS hotel to stay in, SO VERY CLOSE to the convention centre.  Perfection!  We had a blast at convention, spoiled rotten with FREE goodies and great classes to help you build your business.  It was my first convention last year, so on top of the wonderfulness that is convention I was overwhelmed with "first timer-itis."  Everything is new, and exciting, and you are just trying to take it all in and get everything done.  WOWZERS!  I needed a vacation from my vacation when I got back!  

Well, I took the plunge (after some tough decision making and huge sacrifices) and went again this year.  In hind sight I probably shouldn't have (for other reasons) but I will admit, I did my best to be in the moment and enjoy every second.  It was "different" this year.  The "first timer-itis" isn't there and much of the atmosphere is the same  (location and such) but it is STILL WORTH EVERY PENNY TO GO!  
There is nothing like convention!  NOTHING!
If you are a SU demo (hobby or otherwise) you have to attend at least ONE convention in your SU career.  Although, I am going to let the cat out of the bag and warn you now....once you go to one you will never want to miss another.  :-)

So I thought I would take some time on my blog and fill my readers in on my convention experience this year.  I have been with SU for three years now and and trying to make my "hobby demo" into a full fledged money making business. In other words...I wanna stamp FULL TIME!  This years convention had amazing classes to help me figure out exactly that.  I can't wait to get my hands on my convention DVD's so that I can  experience it all over again.
Every year SU picks a theme and this year it is I AM.  The convention theme song gave me goose bumps and I STILL cant stop singing it in my head.

So here is a look at our first day of Convention 2012.  Salt Lake City, Utah!

Tina and I on one of our (THREE) flights.  We were up and at 'em around 2:30am to begin our journey Westward.  

 We couldn't help but notice on one of the flights that Tina's fabulous flip flops (ahem! see previous post! lol) matched her Spice Cake bag from LAST YEARS convention!  Schweeeet!

Me all excited that we are finally leaving Phoenix (three hour stop over) for the last leg of our trip to SLC!!

Our FABULOUS hotel in SLC.  Love the staff, the room, THE BED IS AWESOME! and the location can't be beat! 

Some gifties that we left for our roomies! :-)

We met up with our wonderful friend Marcea when we got in.  We initially met Marcea at LAST YEARS convention!  Poor lady just happened to sit beside our rowdy group and we sucked her in!!!!   LOL  So very happy that we were able to meet up again this year in SLC.  Our first night we went out to Tucanos.  It was a Brazilian food buffet.  All the salads and such were served buffet style and the wait staff came around to your table with skewers of meat (all kinds!  amazing!) and grilled pineapple (to die for!) it was one of the most delish meals I have had in a LONG time.  Funky drinky-poo that night too! :-)

THIS IS bag pick up!  Wednesday has always been check in day.  Bag pick up, campus tours, MOMENTO MALL, no official convention business but lots to do and lots of swaping going on!

Here is our BEAUTIFUL summer starfruit/chevron convention bag!!  Love it!
All look at all the FREE STUFF INSIDE!  THREE stamp sets, lanyard, pen, convention book, holiday catalog, idea book and catalog, glue stick, prize patrol bracelet....and I know I am missing more!  AMAZING!

Not the best pic of me but I am sucking it up and posting it anyway because it has all of my beautiful convention girlies!!   Tina, Amy, Chris, Marcea and myself.  All checking out our new loot!  Just like Christmas!

Tina and I in line for Campus Tours!  Head office lets us all take a peek at the goings-on.  They have buses going all day to take you out there and back.

Here we go!

Putting my stamps together on the bus.  :-)

Entrance to head office.

Where the magic happens!!!  Is your order in there????

Again not a flattering pic of me AT ALL!  But here I am in the Ideas Room at head office.  I LOVE THIS ROOM!

Where all of our calls go!

I tried to find the best pic of what it looks like in there while we are shuffling through.  They have tons of displays everywhere!  So many sample to see so little time.  Everyone is trying to snap snap snap away! 

At the end of our walk through DS we were handed a fan by a lovely lady who gave us a huge hug and said THANK YOU, we are your biggest fans!  They spoil us while we are there and they take every opportunity to thank us, letting us know that if we didn't do what we do as demonstrators, they couldn't do what they do.   :-)

Tina and I at "the rock!"

MOMENTO MALL!!   Stampin' UP! Shopping central!  WOHOOOOOOOO!

Next up....Make & Takes!!  Love LOVE LOVE having stuff ready for ME TO STAMP!  What a joy!

Each bag had the name of the stamp set used (the ones we get free) and all the goodies for those projects inside.

Lovin'! it!!  Having fun putting together our projects!

This is the view from the glass elevator at the front of our hotel.  You are looking across the street at the Convention Centre.  SLC is beautiful....HOT....but beautiful!

We headed over to the Olive garden for a quick nibbly.  Tina and I also had a Lemoncello.  We first tried these last year...OMG, delish!  
After this Tina and I were off to Ronda's special scrapbook class along with a dinner!  Awesomesauce and thank you to TINA! :-)  NO pics though....man we RUSHED THROUGH THAT PROJECT!  LOL  Dinner was yummy though.  :-)

Tina and I did a tour around the Gathering Place that day as well.  That is the space where you have lunch, the sample boards are set up, all kinds of booths with all kinds of info!  Takes the whole of convention to get  to them all and take all your photos.  
At the end of it all we stopped here.  This was where you could meet and take a photo with Shelly.  This is the second year we missed out.  Always seemed to be behind the eight ball on that one.  Maybe next year.  :-) So Tina and I took our photo instead! lol

Stay tuned....more convention to come!