Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I AM Convention 2012 (part 2)

As promised with the last post we are on to DAY TWO of Convention!!

This was the first official day of CONVENTION!  We were up early, gabbing breakie on the go and waiting to get in for the first general session.  ALWAYS AWESOME!!
Amy, Tina, Marcea and I waiting to head in for general session.

MY FIRST SWAP of convention 2012!  I made over 100 card fronts (4 different designs) to swap with other demonstrators.  I came home with TONS of samples to show!

THE DOORS HAVE OPENED!!  People were waiting since 6am to get in (doors open at 8:30...CRAZY) and everyone rushes to get the best deat.  Well, not everyone because we DIDN'T arrive that early and we DIDN'T rush in and still got a GREAT seat!  

Hugs and High Fives on your way in.  I am getting goosebumps writing this....All the staff from SU is lining the walk ways to get in yelling and cheering you on, giving you high fives and hugs, thank us all for the work that we do as demonstrators knowing that if we didn't do what we do, they wouldn't be able to do what they do.  It is an amazing feeling and I cried and was overwhelmed again this year with the love (guess that ISN'T a first timer thang!)

Our first glimpse of the main stage decked out with the I AM theme.

Tina, myself and Marcea.  We found the same spot we had last year.  It was great for meeting up.  We always knew where to head.  We had great view of the stage and they have screens everywhere to get some good close of pics of all the demos on stage.

The lady herself, Shelly Gardner!

Later on that day Tina and I headed over to the Info Booth.  Tina was rewarded with all her ribbons and pins for all of her accomplishments over this past year.  She is going to Hilton Head Island! YAY!!

That afternoon we had classes and think this must have been either lunch break or after class that we popped into the Demonstrator Resource Centre.  We hit the product display booth and saw them using the new cutter, ink pads, sticky rounds, metallic markers, new stamp 'n' scrub, new cardstock and sanders, etc, etc.  AMAZING to get a hands on!  I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW CUTTER!!!!!!!!!

After heading back for a costume change we hit the Olive Garden (right across the street from our hotel) for a drink and appy before Awards Night.

They had the entrance set up like a Red Carpet!  WICKED!!!

Of course we all took part!  Individual photos and a group shot!  

Tina and I ready for Awards Night!  She was taking another (yes I said another....we walks across that stage at Convention A LOT!!!  lol) walk that night.  For earning her weekend getaway to Hilton Head.

Man they clean up nice!  Everyone gets all decked out for Awards Night.  (man I should have brought some decent year!)
There is always an after party post awards.  This year was apparently much like last years.  Some munchies, music and dancing.  We didn't stay long last year (just not our cuppa tea) but this year we headed for supper instead.  WISH WE HAD GONE!!  They gave out BOTH metallic markers (from the holiday catty)!!  
Won't be skipping out on ANYTHING next year.  That is my advice to you as well.  Thinking of going to convention?  GO and don't skip out on any event.  You never know what they have up their sleep and you don't want to miss out on the experience...after all that is WHY we go!

I am going to leave you with photos of the chalk board displays that hung in the Demonstrator Resource Centre.  AWESOME are full of ideas, tips, tricks and product diaplays that will ROCK your SOCKS!
ENJOY! We did! :-)

Happy Stampin'!