Friday, 13 July 2012

Marker Cases

I love my Stampin' UP! markers!!!
I truly do!
Unfortunately I wasn't financially able to buy the Marvelous Markers set all at once.  I was part of a club at the time and opted to buy a colour family a month until I had them all.
Well, when you do that you aren't able to get the fancy-dancy (yes that is the proper name for it!) case that you get when you buy them all together.  SU doesn't allow you to purchase one separately.  I know, I have asked them about it when I have called them. Bummer!
I was storing my markers in a lovely hand made pottery vase that I was given....DUH, Shallon! need to store them laying down to preserve the ink quality and distribution.  (please tell me I am not the only person that didn't realize this!...pretty please!)

SO, I found a make do case and I was happy.  Well, not really but lets pretend shall we?!
Then I went to "Grow" Convention last year.  :-)
Once of the main stage demos showed us marker cases made out of fabric!  
*A-HA moment*
I vowed I would come home and use some of my untouched fabric to make some.

Well, here we are almost a year later (I have lost the original instructions with all the measurements) and I am JUST getting to this now.  *sheepish grin*

Holy macaroni, I don't even care!  I am SOOOOO pleased with how they turned out and so happy at how actually useful they are I am on stamping cloud 9!!
I am very thankful to my Aunt who helped me with this project because I do not have my hand-me-down sewing machines in working order....YET.

Here are some pics of how it is done.....

Here is my before shot of all of my markers (still missing a few here and there...bummer they don't sell them individually anymore however I am in need of replacing a few soon anyway.)

Here is one of the finished products rolled up and ready to store or transport.
This one was made with two of the three Floral District fabrics.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this funky green one.

Unrolled.  When sewing up one of the side seams I simply took my matching ribbon (in this case Lucky Limeade ruffled ribbon) folded it in half and sewed it into the seam on that side.

Here it is opened and ready for business!!
This one houses my Subtles family of markers.

This one is done with Summer Smooches Fabric and Real Red ribbon (discontinued SORRY!)
This one houses my Regals family of markers....missing a few. :-)

I made a BOO BOO with this one...can you tell what it is?
I had two pieces of Candy Cane Lane fabric and two piece of Twitterpated fabric and MIXED them UP when I was ironing my fabrics together with my sheets of fabric adhesive!!!!   AHHHH.  Oh well.  This one is Christmas-y on the outside and Twitterpated on the inside!  :-)  Again the Real Red ribbon on this one. This one houses my Brights markers and I have almost all of them however some were in use that day and MIA.

This one is made out of Comfort Cafe fabric (loving that blue funky piece!)  This one is home to my two years of in colour markers.  Used a RETIRED Soft Suede thick ribbon.

Now!  I ran out of fabric adhesive sheets....but I was on a roll people!!!   I opted to sew this one together and see what happened.  This is my "other boo boo" case with Christmas on the inside and Twitterpated on the outside.  Instead of the fabric adhesive I placed the two pieces together and sewed all the way around.  Doesn't look as clean and it doesn't feel as sturdy.  I wouldn't make this mistake again.  This one houses my Neutrals colour family...again missing a few.

You will need:

  1. Fabric
  2. Fabric pen
  3. Pinking sheers
  4. Fabric adhesive sheets
  5. Ribbon
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Iron and Ironing board
Start by cutting two matching pieces of fabric at 12 inches wide by 16 inches long. 
Use your iron and the fabric adhesive sheets to "stick" your two matching fabrics together.  Patterns FACING OUT (away from each other)
Use your pinking sheers to cut all four edges of your fabric (gives a more decorative edge
Cut ribbon piece to a length that will wrap around your case twice (I didn't measure!)
Using a ruler and your fabric pen lay your fabric out in front of you 12 inches wide.  Fold up the bottom piece (I used a marker to guestimate how deep I wanted my pockets to be. Now mark 1/4 inch in from the left hand side with your fabric pen.  Now from that point mark 1 inch increments. You should have 10 of them, once for each marker and another 1/4 in left over at the end to match the left hand side.  Here I ended up with extra fabric on some so I simply gave another cut with my pinking sheers.
Now use your sewing machine to sew up your seams and pockets that you just marked with your fabric pen.
VOILA!  Done!  Put your markers in and away you go!

I knew what I wanted from Convention but lost my directions so I was winging it the whole way!!  Hope this gives you an idea of how to try it on your own!!
Happy Crafting!